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Permanent Corrugated Steel Bridge Deck Specially fabricated to sustain heavy loads L.B. Foster Permanent Corrugated Steel Bridge Deck Forms

Permanent Corrugated Steel Bridge Deck Forms

L.B. Foster Permanent Corrugated Steel Bridge Deck Forms products are ideal for special design applications, tight construction schedules, quick installation processes and innovative solutions.
Permanent Corrugated Steel Bridge Deck is a heavy-duty system for forming bridge deck slabs quickly and permanently. It is fabricated from structural quality high strength, galvanized steel conforming to ASTM A 653/A 653M. A uniform zinc coating, conforming to ASTM A 924/A 924M, latest edition, coating class G-165 or G-235, protects all exposed parts of the form and adds an extra measure of durability.

Our corrugated steel forms are custom fabricated to individual bridge specifications and adapt to pre-stressed concrete beams, built-up girders or steel beam bridges, with or without shear connectors. Construction is fast, safe and easy and can be performed in a fraction of the time needed to install conventional forms. The complete operation of slab deck forming, placement of rebar, and pouring of concrete is a low-cost, smooth and uninterrupted procedure.


  • Specially fabricated to sustain heavy loads
  • Aapts to most loading conditions up to 14’ stringer spacing
  • Helps control moisture during curving, gives deck greater strength


  • Fabricated, bundled, marked for placement and shipped ready for installation
  • Work is done with small crews, completed much faster then with wood forming
  • Screw fastening is fast, positive and easy


  • Provides a solid, sure footed working platform
  • No scaffolding or shoring is needed: removal of wooden forms no longer necessary
  • Safety factor is especially important over water, high density roadways, railroads, electric transmission systems, high bridges, etc



Design Loads/Construction Requirements

The metal forms are designed on the basis of dead load of form plus wet weight of reinforced concrete at 240 Kg/M3 (150 pcf) plus 2.4 kPa (50 lb/sq ft) for construction loads. The unit working stress in the steel will not be more than 0.725 of the specified minimum yield strength of the material furnished but not to exceed 250 Mpa (36,000 psi). Deflection under the weight of the forms, the plastic concrete and reinforcing steel will not exceed 1/180 of the form span or 13 mm (0.5 in.) whichever is less. However, the deflection loading will not be less than 5.8 kPa (120 lb/sq ft) total. For spans in excess of ten feet, the permissible deflection is not to exceed 19 mm (0.75 in) or L/240, which ever is less. The permissible form camber will be based on the actual dead load condition. Camber will not be used to compensate for deflection in excess of the foregoing limits.

The design span of the form sheets will be the clear span of the form plus 50 mm (2 in.) measured parallel to the form flutes. Physical design properties will be computed in accordance with requirements of the American Iron and Steel Institute Specifications for the Design of Cold Formed Steel Structural Members.


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